SterJo Key Finder

SterJo Key Finder 2.0

It's a simple and free tool for recovering product keys

SterJo Key Finder is a small, simple, and neat application that helps you when you lose the product keys for your applications or even for your Windows installation. This nice little program can scan your system's registry for these keys, retrieve them, and display them for your convenience. It's a simple and effective product key recovery solution.

When it comes to Windows installation, this tool will retrieve not only the product keys, but also the product ID for the Windows 7, 8, or 10 installation, which comes really in handy for re-installation purposes. Another really cool thing about this handy application is the fact that it supports a lot of products for key recovery, including popular names like MS Office, Nero, CorelDraw, WinZip, and many more.

Furthermore, this simple little program lets you save the retrieved keys to a text file or copy them to the clipboard. SterJo Key Finder is very easy to use, as it comes with a minimalistic interface that pretty much anyone can handle without any problem.

Last but not least, SterJo Key Finder is also completely free. In conclusion, I see no reason why not to use this tool whenever you need to recover product keys in a simple and effective manner.

Margie Smeer
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  • Very simple and easy-to-use
  • Free
  • Lets you save the keys to a text file


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